Magical Weapons are supernatural weapons that reflect the deeper inner thoughts of the user, Magi.


Magical weapons have existed since the existence of the OOPArts needed to make them which can be traced back to ancient times and be linked to many mythologies, mainly Norse Mythology. 16-17 years before the current events of Fortissimo, the scientists of Vorspa studied and experimented on magi and their magical weapons but kept them secret from society for fear abuse of power and war.

Users and Magical WeaponsEdit

  1. Reiji Yoshino: First protagonist of Fortissimo, he found his OOPArt by a Sakura Tree and the spirit of the tree became his magical weapon.
  • Sakura: Reiji's magical weapon and the main heroine of Fortissimo, she is actually  'sunlight spirit' that lived inside a 'Sakura Tree'. When Reiji was in despair over his sister abuse, she comforted him while taking on the appearance of Reiji's mother, SAKURA.
2. Ryuuichi Sumeragi: The second protagonist of Fortissimo and Reiji's childhood friend and rival, it is unknown when he aquired his OOPArt but since Ragnarok had started, he has had the ability to use it.
  • Megingjörð (メギンギョルズ megingyoruzu): a red bandana that generates lightning/ The lightning then can be used as energy for his attacks.
  • Mjöllnir (&ミョルニル myoruniru): a steel gauntlet warping around Ryūichi's right arm. Ryūichi can combine this gauntlet with his martial art skills to dispatch the enemy, but such is not its usage. The true purpose of the gauntlet is to absorb the power generated by the bandana and extract it as powerful magical attacks.
3. Sayuki Kurobane: Reiji's non-blood related sister and heroine of Fortissimo, at a young age she trained with Ichigo and a friend of hers while using guns to protect the island that they lived on. It is believed that Ichigo's friend is the one who gave Sayuki her OOPArt.
  • Utamaru (うたまる utamaru): the white gun that fires blue bullets, its name means 'good'.
  • Archimedes (アルキメデス arukimedesu): the black gun that fires black bullets, its name means 'evil'.
  • Sköll (スコール sukōru): the white foot armor; named after the wolf from Norse Mythology that is said to devour the sun at the end of Ragnarok. It is capable of the ultimate distance.
  • Hati (ハティ hati) the black foot armor; named after the wolf from Norse Mythology that is said to devour the moon at the end of Ragnarok. It is capaple of the ultimate distance.
  • Lindwurm (リンドヴルム rindovurumu): the true form of Sayuki's magic, containing the mixed power of Utamaru, Archimedes, Sköll and Hati. Its power is many times higher, however. It is named after a dragon in Norse Mythology that was given immortality by Odin.
4. Momiji Satomura: Heroine of Fortissimo and love interest of Reiji. She aquired her OOPArt from her sister, Haruka and as a side-effect, bears a heavy sin of guilt.
  • Grimoire (七つの大罪 (グリモワール) gurimowāru; English for Grimoire, Japanese for Seven Deadly Sins): Momiji's weapon is a system that consists of seven crystals hovering behind her, giving the impression of a pair of wings.
    • Lucifer (superbia(ルシファー) Rushifā; Latin for "Morning Star", Italian for "Pride"): the red crystals that takes away the sense of smell.
    • Leviathan (invidia(レヴィアタン) Reviatan; Hebrew for "Twisted", Italian for "Envy"): the orange crystal that takes away the sense of proprioception.
    • Satan (ira(サタン) Satan; Hebrew for "The Opposer", Italian for for "Wrath"): the yellow crystal that takes away the sense of sight.
    • Belphegor (acedia(ベルフェゴール) Berufegōru; Hebrew for "To Open", Italian for "Sloth"): the green crystal that takes away the sense of hearing.
    • Mammon (avaritia(マモン) Mamon; Hebrew for "Wealth", Italian for "Greed"): the blue crystal that takes away the sense of touch.
    • Beelzebub (gula(ベルゼブブ) Beruzebubu; Hebrew for "Lord of the Flies", Italian for "Gluttony"): the indigo crystal that takes away the sense of taste.
    • Asmodeus (luxuria(アスモデウス) Asumodeusu; Avestan for "Fire Demon", Italian for "Lust"): the purple crystal that takes away the sense of pain.
5. Nagisa Suzushino: Childhood friend of Ryuuichi and his lover interest. Where she recieved her OOPArt is unknown but she is one of the most powerful fighters in Fortissimo.
  • Svafrlami(スウァフルラーメ suuafururāme): the weapon first appears as a heavy black sword with rough outlook that does not deal much damage and also of too much weight to swing. In its released state, its cover breaks apart, revealing a slender golden sword with deadly strikes while Nagisa's hair turns silver and a crown appears on her head.
6. Schwarzritter: Nagisa's alter ego who was created from her being infected with Jin's and Odin's concept magic.
  • Svafrlami(スウァフルラーメ suuafururāme): Because Schwarzritter is the alter ego of Nagisa Suzushino she wields Svafrlami, though her sword appears to be in its unreleased form it is released but looks that way due to Nagisa's pure emotions which gave Svaflami its holy sword appearance being blocked out by Odin's and Jin's concept magic. It is capable of being the ultimate weapon of mass destruction.
7. Ayane Amamiya: Sub Character and Student Council President of the school in Fortissimo. She is mostly identified by her alter ego, Valkyrie. Iti is unknown when she aquired her OOPArt.
  • Stringroad (ストリングロード sutoringurōdo): this weapon takes form of red piano strings stemmed from Ayane's fingers. They are very thin but also just as sharp as any sword can be and is barely visible to the eyes. Ayane can easily manipulate these strings even with the simplest movement of her body to either restrain and tear and enemy apart or form a very useful impenetrable invisible barrier.
8. Jin Arizuka: Antagonist of Fortissimo and current 'game master'. Is is not mentioned when he got his OOPArt but it is speculated that it was given to him by Odin.
  • Gjallahorn (ギャラルホルン gyararuhorun): Jin's weapon takes form of a red cell phone with black fire-like decorating. Its offensive power limited to only manipulating fire, but its true ability allows him, the Game Master to set up absolute rules that others have to obey. Utilizing this, Jin can either set himself to be invincible or his attack unblockable, rendering his enemies' every course of actions useless. The only way to oppose this ability is to counter with higher magical power; in other words, using sheer power to break through the rules.
9. Hagane Todoroki: Antagonist in Fortissimo, it is not mentioned when he aquired his OOPArt.
  • Eckesachs (エッケザックス ekkezakkusu): Hagane's weapon takes form of a gigantic battle axe, seemingly doubled his own size. Each swing of this axe can seriously destroy the enemy as well as the surrounding with a single strike. Of course, because of this, Hagane can hardly combine his attack with his allies.
10. Umi Kajiura: Sub character and School Idol of the school in Fortissimo. It is unknown when she aquired her OOPArt but it seems that she was aware of her magical weapon when the series began.
  • Shining Memories (きらきらメモリーズ kirakira memorīzu): Umi's weapon is a pair of eyeglasses, which she commented that she hated them. The glasses can record the data of her enemies to replicate them.
    • Yozakura: A dark version of Sakura that was created to absorb 'moonlight' in contrast to Sakura being able to absorb 'sunlight'.
    • Grimoire (七つの大罪 (グリモワール) gurimowāru; English for Grimoire, Japanese for Seven Deadly Sins): Umi replicated Momiji's magical weapon.
    • Mjöllnir (&ミョルニル myoruniru): Umi replicated Ryuuichi's magical weapon.
11. Kengo Kirisaki: Sub character and Reiji's would-have-been best friend.
  • Streamfield(ストリームフィールド sutorīmufīrudo). 666 knives that makes him an effective ranged attacker than Sayuki Kurobane.
12. Keisuke Sanada: The Sleeping Demon who hunted down the magi and Ragnarok in order to drain their life-force and give it to Hinako.
  • Mistilteinn(ミスティルテイン misutirutein). 51 cards that Keisuke uses to draid the life-force of his victims. Keisuke himself acts as the core of the set; in other words, the defensive Joker, which regenerates both the cards and Keisuke's body when they are attacked.
13. Hinako Takamine: A wealthy young girl with poor health and is currently dieing.
  • Sweet Home (スイート・ホーム suīto hōmu), which takes form of a purple bird cage, can generate a powerful defensive shield that rejects everything. For offense, the cage can release blue birds that moving at lightning-fast speed. This ability reflects her pure an innocent soul, therefore its power is absolute; the shield cannot be broken and the birds will certainly inflict damage upon contact. However, due to her poor health, the absolution of Sweet Home is imperfect, which means it still can break if one knows how to (for instance, using the same technique to counter it) and the birds, which are very powerful offensive power do not last long once released.
14. Ichigo Sagara: A witch that goes by the name 'Yggdrasil', she is Reiji's and Sayuki's foster mother and technically human; the strongest human in the world.
  • Artificial Gem: Ichigo's magical weapon which was artificially created for her as a means to fight against magi in the "Fimbulvinter War".
15. Odin: The main antagonist in Fortissimo and Reiji's father, his OOPArt was scientifically created to only be for the Ultimate Magi.
  • Ring of Nibelung (ニーベルングの指環 nīberungu no yubitamaki): Odin's weapon is especially created by Völuspá as the ultimate Magic. However, it showed no compatibility to Sōsei after its creation. It is later revealed that the Ring of Nibelung has a hidden activation protocol, which is to sacrifice the most loved one of the user.
16. Loki: The Peace Keeper of Parallell Worlds; is actually Reiji from Sakura's Route where he became the victor of Ragnarok and traveled to other worlds (Sayuki's and Momiji's Routes) in order to create the perfect world.
  • Sakura: After using the Ultimate Magic, Sakura was put in a hibernative state and is currently in the form of a Sakura Tree.
17. Rouge Flame: The Mage of Misfortune, the one who killed SAKURA, and ended the war of Fimbulwinter.
  • The Flame of Loge (ローゲの炎使い Rōge no honōtsukai) is an extremely powerful fire Magic that was able to burn anything and continue to burn for eternity.


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