If anyone bears their fangs at nee-san, I will bring them down! (Sayuki proclaiming to Momiji).

Utamaru and Archimedes are magical weapons used by Sayuki Kurobane throughout most of the story in Fortissimo.


  • Utamaru: Takes the form of the white gun with long ribbons extending and wrapping around Sayuki's wrists.
  • Archimedes: Takes the form of the  black gun with long ribbons extending and wrapping around Sayuki's wrists.



  • Sturm Kreuz (正邪必滅の流星群(シュトゥルム・クロイツ) shutourumu kuroitsu; German for Storm Cross, Japanese for Meteor of Right and Wrong): this attack takes a great deal of time to prepare, but the result it can bring about is worthwhile. To use this Last Resort, Sayuki has to create magical bullets high in the air while not detonating any of them. When the necessary number of bullets is achieved, she lets all of them fall down the enemy like a devastating black and white downpour of energy. Thereotically speaking, executing this move without a partner is impossible, but Sayuki managed to pull it off in her battle with Momiji without her noticing.


  • Utamaru and Archimedes are the incomplete forms of Sayuki's magical weapn due to her OOPArt being broken in half when she aquired it.
  • Sayuki's magical weapon manifested into guns due to mer master teaching her how to use guns.

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